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porter green the label was born out of a desire to create design-driven, aspirational and innovative products with the message of sustainability at their core. As the world becomes more aware of the devastating impact of single-use products such as plastic bags and disposable cups has on our unique planet, creating reusables which combine the perfect pairing of form and function to be incorporated into everyday life is the driving force behind the porter green collection.

The porter green team’s focus is designing a collection utilising sustainable materials such as silicone for its longevity and bamboo fibre with low resin content for its biodegradability. Careful research is undertaken to ensure that our sustainability goals are met, whilst designing products which are beautiful aesthetically and lovely to use.

porter green is honoured to announce that driss – their double-walled, insulated stainless steel hot/cold bottle and stemm – their brilliant unbreakable silicone stemmed wine glasses, have just been selected as finalists in the prestigious Clean and Conscious Awards 2021. Recognizing and celebrating exceptional products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, environment, and society, all finalist products in the Clean & Conscious awards are verified to be safe, ethical, sustainable, and responsible. The judges also loved the perfect pairing of form and function and superb quality of driss and stemm.

We are thrilled that our headquarters is solar powered and surrounded by carefully tended lush vegetation. Our company uses a five step waste disposal system and composts its food waste. Where possible, we use carbon neutral freight options and otherwise only work with companies that have a carbon neutral goal. In addition, our orders are shipped in recycled cartons and if filling is required we use biodegradable bubble wrap and corn chips.

At porter green we encourage you to make mindful choices for your everyday living and gifting and hope that you have discovered something you love!


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