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Q. We love the porter green collection! Can we brand the products or have them made in our own colours?
A. All porter green products are customizable with your logo and pantone colors. In fact, urbb offers superior customization options to most other reusable cups on the market. please click here for custom collaboration enquiries

Q. I'd love to stock porter green products in my store or cafe.

A. We’d be thrilled for you to stock our collection. Simply complete the application form  and you'll hear back form us as quickly as possible.

urbb care

Please note, when dealing with hot liquid it is essential that you take extra care. The hot liquids, foams and gases in your coffee and tea contain a lot of energy. Your urbb is not designed to be inverted or shaken when containing hot liquid. Where possible, leave the mouth seal open so any pressure can escape.


Q. How should I store my urbb?
A. Store upright. 

Q. How far should I fill my urbb?

A. Allow at least a 1cm gap between the top of liquid and the top of the cup. 

Q. Is it necessary to have the silicone ring inside the lid?

A. Absolutely!  The silicone ring is critical to the seal of your urbb. Always ensure that it is correctly in place. 

Q. What happens if I lose my silicone ring?

A. We have extra silicone rings available for purchase. Please email team@portergreen.com.au

Q. Hot liquids generate pressure inside a sealed container – how do I release it?

A. To release the pressure caused by hot liquid – after filling with your drink of choice lift the plug from the mouth-spout and wait several seconds before closing again. If necessary, repeat the process. Your urbb should not ‘pop’ when opened. If it does, this indicates a build-up of pressure which needs to be released for safety. 

Q. The screw lid is such an easy thing to use!  Do I need to screw it tightly?

A. Your urbb needs to be screwed tightly – otherwise your cup may leak. 

Q. Common sense tells me that I shouldn’t turn something containing hot liquid upside-down – is this correct?

A. You’re absolutely right! Your urbb should not be inverted when full of hot liquid. 

Q. How do I replace the leak-proof plug on my urbb?

A. place the central plug over the central hole in the lid, push together and twist until the plug is fully through the hole and sitting flat. 

Q. Why did you choose bamboo as the base material for urbb?

A. The pg team did SO much research when choosing the materials for urbb. We settled on bamboo as it is naturally sustainable, naturally sterile and naturally organic, odourless, durable and stain resistant. 

Q. How did you choose your manufacturer?

A. Once again, extensive research was conducted. Our manufacturer is a family-owned and operated company, and its mission it to make the world a greener place. It holds many certifications including ISO 9001 and factory audits. Most importantly, it is a world-leader in plant-fibre technology and has been supplying the global market for over 10 years. 

Q. Is urbb actually biodegradable?

A. Yes! Your urbb can safely go through an industrial dishwasher on a daily basis, but if you crush and bury it, mould will being to appear within 14 days. 

Q. Is urbb dish-washer safe?

A. Yes, your urbb can absolutely go in the dishwasher! 

Q. Is urbb micro-wave safe?

A. No, bamboo is not suitable for microwave use. 

Q. Is the design for urbb actually yours? Is it registered?

A. Yes, we’re very proud of our stylish design (which involved months of refinement and has been expertly engineered in Australia). It is design registration number 201911817 with IP Australia.


Q. Is fegg dish-washer safe?

A. Yes, your fegg can absolutely go in the dishwasher! 

Q. Is my fegg suitable to enjoy hot drinks from?

A. Yes, your fegg is safe for use from -20 to +110 degrees celsius! Of course, if you put very hot liquid in it your fegg will heat up and may be too hot to hold comfortably. 

Q. fegg is made from fda approved food-grade silicone. Why is fegg considered sustainable?

A. Firstly, fegg is reusable – not single use & disposable! Secondly, silicone is arguably more environmentally friendly than plastic in kitchen applications, as plastic is not as hardy or long lasting as silicone is. Silicone is more inert that plastic, which means it has a lower chance of leaching chemicals into food when used for food storage.  Lastly, silicone also endures extreme fluctuations in temperatures - from very cold to oven hot - without melting, cracking or otherwise degrading.


Q. I love my perss bag – it’s an indispensable part of my daily shopping routine. Is it washable?

A. Yes, your perss is washable! 

Q. My old fabric bag used to get messy when I put frozen foods etc into it. Is perss waterproof?

A. Yes, your perss is waterproof – no need to worry about your peas! 

Q. How much can I carry in my perss?

A. Your perss will comfortable carry 10kgs (and probably much more). 

Q. Why did you choose recyclable 210d for perss?

A. The obvious answer is the sustainability aspect, but also it stretches making it hard to tear and doesn’t shrink or crease easily. In addition, the colour is resistant to fading and because it is not an organic substance it is resistant to mildew. 

Any other questions are welcomed, please email team@portergreen.com.au


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