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Porter Green stands as a remarkable testament to women's leadership and unity across generations. Proudly based in Melbourne, Australia, our business is not just women-owned, but also women-run, echoing the strength and determination that fuels every facet of our operation. With a legacy spanning three generations of family, our foundation is rooted in values, expertise, and a shared vision that transcends time. We believe that by embracing our unique heritage, we bring a distinct blend of innovation, experience, and care to every product we offer, enriching the lives of our valued customers and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

jane cox | managing director


Jane Cox, Managing Director at Porter Green


Meet Jane, with a distinguished tenure as the former managing director of the esteemed Australian design label Christopher Vine Design, Jane holds a wealth of expertise spanning sales, marketing, brand development, and overall business management.

Jane's impact extends beyond CVD as she spearheaded the introduction of the aspirational Otazu fashion jewellery label to the Australian market in 2009. The label, celebrated and adorned by numerous international celebrities, has since become a fixture across the nation, prominently featured in various outlets, including exclusive offerings at the prestigious husk stores.

An accountant by profession, Jane's true passion unfolds in the art of launching and nurturing brands that seamlessly combine ethical values with compelling design elements. In this pursuit, Porter Green products align perfectly with her discerning standards. Embracing the role of managing director, Jane shapes our organization's overarching vision, providing a steady hand that keeps us grounded, infusing operational rigor, and ensuring the steadfastness of our strategic pursuits.


mary warnest | sales director 


Mary Warnest, Sales Director at Porter Green


Meet Mary, with over thirty years in the industry, Mary has navigated a distinguished career, collaborating with prominent players in the Australian market across product development and corporate sales. Mary's professional philosophy centers around fostering connections, earning her the title of our 'connector'. With this role, she possesses an intuitive grasp of the present business landscape's challenges and recognizes the solutions that Porter Green products offer.

In today's landscape, the discerning consumer seeks products that effortlessly check all the boxes: competitive pricing, uncompromised quality, captivating aesthetics, thoughtful design, user-friendliness, sustainability, and innovation. As the epitome of a brand ambassador, Mary orchestrates partnerships with a diverse array of companies, spanning multinational corporations to local enterprises, bringing forth their distinctive co-branded Porter Green creations. Additionally, she stands as the go-to authority for our exquisite open-stock collection, now prominently displayed across a wide spectrum of markets including lifestyle boutiques, children's stores, as well as cafes and restaurants nationwide.


matilda collett | global brand manager


Matilda Collett, Global Brand Manager 

Meet Matilda, a dynamic professional working as the Global Brand Manager at Porter Green. With a fervent dedication to brand development and market expansion, she has played a pivotal role in propelling Porter Green's presence into the international wholesale arena. Matilda's strategic acumen and innovative thinking has been instrumental in guiding the brand's journey into the global wholesale market through online platforms.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Matilda possesses an innate passion for exploration. Her love for travel has taken her to various corners of the world, where she has not only experienced diverse cultures but has also lived and worked overseas. This exposure has not only enriched her personal life but has also contributed to her global perspective in the business world.

Matilda's ability to seamlessly blend her expertise in brand management with her passion for travel reflects her adaptability, open-mindedness, and creative approach to challenges. Her unique combination of skills, from strategic branding to international experience, makes her a truly multifaceted and valuable asset to both Porter Green and the broader business landscape.


chelsea hard | social media manager


Chelsea Hard, Social Media Manager at Porter Green


Meet Chelsea, the creative force behind Porter Green's vibrant online presence. As the Social Media Manager, she expertly navigates the digital landscape to showcase our brand's essence. Hailing from the charming town of Echuca, Chelsea infuses her work with a touch of authenticity that resonates with audiences far and wide. Her passion for storytelling and innate understanding of digital trends make her a key driver of Porter Green's engaging online community.


michelle radmann | warehouse manager


Michelle Radmann, Warehouse Manager at Porter Green


Meet Michelle, the Warehouse Manager at Porter Green. Hailing from Germany, she brings a touch of international flair to our operations. With precision and dedication, Michelle oversees the intricate logistics of our warehouse, ensuring that each order is handled with care and efficiency. Her keen eye for detail and systematic approach play a pivotal role in maintaining the seamless flow of Porter Green's inventory.

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