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foldable reusable recyclable shopping bags | perss | dunedin

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dunedin | cloud + flax

perss | +practical +ethical +recyclable +shopping +sacs 

  • foldable
  • reusable
  • washable
  • durable
  • waterproof
  • recyclable 210d fabric
  • presented in drawstring pouch
  • double strap
  • 53cm x 32cm
  • handle-drop | 31cm

No longer is carrying reusable bags with you an option – it's a necessity. We’re all in the habit of having our bags with us, ready to go. The thing is, it’s easy to arrive at the store without them - so we all need an ample supply.

perss is the perfect solution! It’s foldable & presented in a stylish drawstring pouch, so it's easy to store & makes a perfect gift. Not only is perss reusable, its fabric is recyclable, making it the smart choice for your reusable bags.

Choose from our beautiful range of colours and make perss your essential market-day companion. We hope you love the stunning colours of dunedin | cloud + flax

foldable reusable recyclable shopping bags

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