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reusable bamboo coffee cups | urbb | the bright edit

urbb reusable biodegradable bamboo coffee cup bright edit

urbb | +urban +reusable +biodegradable +bamboo

Made from biodegradable bamboo, urbb is leak-proof, dishwasher-safe and has an ergonomically designed mouth spout for a superior drinking experience. 
Our urbbs are 70% bamboo, 15% resin and 15% corn starch and the bright edit includes gorgeous colourways to brighten your spirit. 
Designed by Porter Green & expertly engineered in Australia, the uniqueness of urbb's design has been formally recognized by IP Australia under registered design number 201911817. As such, it's design is now legally enforceable and all rights are reserved.
See the full collection of our divine bright edit urbbs below. 

reusable bamboo coffee cups australia