reusable recyclable shopping bags | perss | aarhus

reusable recyclable shopping bags | perss | aarhus

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we're all getting used to carrying our shopping bags wherever we go. not only is our perss collection reusable, its fabric is recyclable!

washable, waterproof and durable, you'll wonder what you ever did without your perss!

  • recyclable 210d fabric
  • presented in a handy drawstring pouch
  • double strap
  • durable
  • 53cm x 32cm
  • handle-drop | 31cm
  • the most stylish reusable bag around!

located on the east coast of the jutland peninsula, aarhus is the second largest city in denmark and began its existence as a fortified viking settlement in the 8th century.

during the middle ages it grew in a prosperous religious centre with many public and religious buildings constructed in and around the city.  in 1441, christopher III issued the oldest known charter granting market town status although similar privileges may have existed as far back as the 12th century. the charter is the first official recognition of the town as a regional power and is by some considered aarhus's birth certificate.

from the viking age to modern times, aarhus has developed in stages which are all visible in the city today. today aarhus is experiencing rapid growth and expansion that began at the turn of the millennium. an unprecedented building boom includes several construction projects which are among the largest in europe, the harbourfront redevelopment being just one such example.

as former industrial sites are redeveloped into new city district and neighbourhoods the skyline continues to change. the city’s extensive shopping facilities, festivals and historic sites draw visitors from around the globe including many who arrive on cruise ships. since the early 2000s the port of Aarhus has increasingly become a destination for cruise lines operating in the Baltic sea.

our aarhus pprist is a quintessential combination of scandinavian black and grey and harks back to the city’s industrial past.

read more about aarhus at lonely planet

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